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Mark examines the hoax – with the biggest USA one being Ted Bundy.

In the 2018 paper, MM follows the Bundy trail of murders through Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and finally Florida. It’s really hilarious to read, the things they expect us to believe. I won’t repeat anything here as the papers are easily available to the reader. Just enjoy them as I did. I am neither going to add to or detract from the Mathis work, as what I do here is my own research. His stands by itself, as does mine.…

Surprised that Mark didn’t notice this obvious mirrored/pasted Ott photo.

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1 thought on “The Ted Bundy nightmare … a hoax – Piece of Mindful

  1. tokarski

    Tyrone (Blue Moon) also brought me up to speed on Ott, and I quoted him within that post. I missed a lot. Mistakes are the best teachers.

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