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Doug Ford getting rich

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I doubt it’s signs and stickers – it’s likely money from this fall’s ID2020 roll out that will cost hundreds of millions.

Last night’s call also indicates that Ontario’s former finance minister was in Switzerland and St Bart’s, two private offshore hide your money banking centres.

Canada needs to call the police about crimes in progress.


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Vox Popoli: Bill Gates didn’t kill himself

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There is very little that seems real with Gates and Micro$oft.

From the origin story to the deals along the way, it’s another myth with a rich family’s elite son to try and sell the American anyone-can-be-president or get rich hoax.

I also think Bill and Melinda personas have been switched and are now played by different actors – at least once.

I’ll post some pictures later. Maybe POM can help with this.


More nonsense about Gates used to misdirect from the fact that he’s another actor like Zucks and Bezos and is the front man for the elite’s computer monopoly.

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Covaids cured with big zapper

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Plumbing the depths of human gullibility.

I suspect it’s a version of this one from another Chris in OK.

There are endless stories of disinfo allowed, as long as they confirm the initial lie of virus and contagion.

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The irascible DaveJ

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Check out a new Canadian podcast.



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epic first conversation with dave j about the multitudes of illusions around us all, and how to break free of the lies and the fuckary of the world through spirituality and your own mind.


1) discord room invite discord.gg/5QCjYgNGmv

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FAC901-Ab and friends

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We discuss the Venetian mafia.

note: file fixed 5/16/21

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