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  1. napoleon wilson

    ill elaborate a little but remeber my logic is flawed at best

    weve had 100 years of poisoning being attributed to viruses even though they invented microscopes that can see the even the smallest things and still the bribing and religion behind tha avenue of psience carried on because of eugenics , you think the artistocrats wasnt working out what really makes you ill , and more importantly how to live longer and healthier , so you see where im going with this the next lot narrative will be convincing us that some mystical old lost empire had tools to treat all ills and thus vibrational medicine is reintroduced via non medical grounds .like getting rid of nasa by pointing out the space fakery.

    then the last 100years of progress and legitimate research with proper healing will be introduced ,and im not aware of all the new age medicine lol old age really methods of healing

    hope that makes sense

  2. napoleon wilson

    also the fear of metioning the hustlers by name and their connections is now so apparent and the meta script readers or syncophants like ips amongst others is trying to arrange the meta script is missing the biggest alchemical trick in history , all the carachters smj mentions are wizards so remember when you say wizards or magic theres no such thing all there is is just clever apes telling you stories , backed up by psience fiction in some cases ,and in other cases backed up by public credulity , oh and frank and jan solved the mud flood theory

    great conversations going on smjs been banned from clues forum and ips and others ha ha ha awesome , i myself have removed the word star wars from truthers vocabulary ,beats shitout of mandela effect

  3. napoleon wilson

    wizard cola, gives you brains heart and courage, it’s full of Napoleonic goodness
    whats the fundamental difference between programming and magic .

    remember the flat earth was the masons big secret ,so releasing it had to be part of the vitriol and confusion and seeing as we had a tower ceremony 19 years before we entered oz or 2020.

    please remember when fighting fire with fire ,tha the fire dept uses water
    magicians do not reveal their tricks ,

  4. napoleon wilson

    always a pleasure to hear smj, didnt like hearing masonic houseclown original simulant , sorry i ruined your religion dipshit told ya that the last page is spacebats

    youll hear though whats coming after the virus theory is dead and it does seem to be a magnetically induced (magic) injury , yes virus theory is in the last throws of existance .

    shut down schools tomorrow !!

    1. RezMuttJeff

      Right on, smj has it right on that account. Demolish the whole academic structure and start from the ground up or hide like a motherfucker. Can’t stand Freemason hypocrites. “Oh the big bad Catholic church is out to get us, that’s why we get portrayed negatively.” Meanwhile, the entire Catholic church command structure is immersed in the same BS Neo-Platonic, Hermetic Jewish mysticism belief system that is the basis of Freemasonry.

  5. ricky

    About 1:52 SMJ says “I’m not going to call it genocide, we’re doing it to ourselves.” That’s what I’m seeing, I guess we’re going to have some nice oceanfront properties available for Blackrock and Berkshire Hathaway available near me real soon!

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