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  1. napoleon wilson

    i remember watching september clues for the first time .
    obviuosly the soundtrack jumped out to start and then the easy way the curtain is drawn back revealing media complicity was a welcome breath of fresh air especially because of the stlye of other documentaries at the time was abrasive to me , not a fan of blanked out documents or unsubstantiated political partnerships arms dealers and put options

    but the missile thing wasnt a big deal for me ,if i remember its goes something like “people said they saw a missile” , and i took that as influential as when the chick reads the word explosion out loud .
    never really bothered me,

    yes the sky couldve been cleared with seeding , removing cloud might be easier im not looking into it though, how many balloons does it take to lift a magnatron and whatnot

    what did bother me was judy wood and her hd miniature book , but that did explain why 8 tonne beams were ejected out 150 foot not really 8 tonne just same specs as the original drawings ,original drawings not the final build remember the final build was ozma construction

    the collapse were models shh remember nolens tells you at the end of the prestige ,its a double!

  2. watermanchris

    I like Mark/Boogieman and he’s absolutely correct about Simon and Hoi Palloi. The Tacos model is simply retarded. Space is fake AF and Simon (who just so happens to have clear connections to the ESA), has a “model” that props up the idea that there’s a magical place where you can go and just float around. At the same time, on Cluesforum.info he has tons of info on NASA fakery. How can Simon and Hoi claim that space is real after discovering all that fakery? THAT is extremely suspicious to me.

    Farce Value is obviously smitten with Simon and Hoi. It’s pretty comical.

    Linda, who was happy to bash Brian Stavely, left because she didn’t like Mark bashing Hoi and Simon. Even though I don’t think she was around for the original Clues Forum love fest, I think she comes off like Farce, Ab and Rollo (who treat the Clues crew like deities of muh truf movement) to anybody listening.

    I came to media fakery through Hoax busters via Pierce Redmond by way of James Corbett so I never got swept up in the clues crews worship.

    To Mark’s point – I have heard people who, when asked about September Clues by Ab, bring up the missles as a central takeaway.

    I also liked that he brought up the evidence of sock-puppetry/ghost writing at Clues Forum. I would’ve liked to have heard deeper exploration of this one. It’ll probably have to happen on another platform though so as to not upset the followers of the clues crew or snowflake Richard’s sensibilities.

    I think JLB just suggested that Benoit was laying his accent on a little thick, not that he was fake or completely faking his accent but I might be mistaken.

  3. napoleon wilson

    thouroughly enjoyable just a caviat about Brian Staveley as much as i dont really accept mandela effect ,brian has put his love spuds in the dragons mouth when it comes to explaining 911 and survived, none of you will have seen that but i did , the lads not a sim , and its funny that hoi polloi said that ,id like to speak to any of the clues forum brigade to fill in the only gap they missed out about september the eleventh collapse

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