How “you will own nothing” and social credit are linked

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Your future. The Great Reset. You’re already half way there.

Canada Beyond 150’s Capital and Debt research team explored the future of ownership. The team looked at how accessing services, rather than conventional ownership, could benefit all Canadians. Its proposed policy recommendations include measures that could drive the development of new types of assets, and potentially lead Canadians to participate in the access economy.…


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2 thoughts on “How “you will own nothing” and social credit are linked

  1. xileffilex

    It’s an important article – I’m sure there are “focus groups” buried in the governments of most developed countries working out, as here, how to deal with the useless eaters on the farm, existing in every increasing numbers due to automation and AI, and the ever widening income and lifestyle gap between them and the ones who are useful to the agenda. They know the herd has to be managed carefully to prevent “disruption” as Klaus has already predicted.. Inclusion and stakeholding are the watchwords.

    Essentially it’s about putting the farm animals on UBI while onlyy using the phrase once. The living units being built in the smart cities don’t allow the occupants to have any stuff anyway: will they even need kitchens? All brought to us by criminals who won’t have to worry about lack of space or financial resources or unemployment.

  2. Gabriel

    I think this post is the real big picture we all need to be familiar with. We can look back and see that companies like Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Grubhub, and a whole slew of others came about recently. These are not businesses that would organically happen. They are not very profitable to start and a lot of capital to get going. I contend that these were all brought to us by the perps to help along the agenda. The agenda moves along methodically and with purpose.

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