FAC907-Xilffelix, Gaia

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Excellent member Xileffelix appears for a rare chat.

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5 thoughts on “FAC907-Xilffelix, Gaia

  1. ricky

    Just heard this today, great to hear xileffilex, after that, a disgrace. The good things about the tychos model is it allows us to keep believing we can still fly around out there, Uranus smells bad, we can land a probe on an asteroid, have a helicopter on Mars, we can keep our satellite TVs and our Black Holes, monkey suits and guitar players on the ISS and best of all never..ever… have to grow up all the way.

  2. watermanchris

    Gaia is a psientism clown. Why is he tolerated at Fakeologist? He’s as realologist as they come.

    Gaia has never touched the moon and nobody else has either. How can anybody claim to “know” what the moon is. Gaia is a moron.

    He has also never seen the shape of the earth but he clings to his spinning ball like a child with a blanky or pacifier.

  3. John le Bon

    Always nice to hear from xileffelix, hope his return is not shortlived.

    At first I was also happy to hear the return of Gaia… and then he went downhill fast.

    For the love of all things good, Gaia, please let others speak.

    It could have been a good conversation between yourself and Boogieman.

    Instead it was a shitshow of epic proportions — 100% your fault, too.

    Rick tried his best to calm you down, but you just wouldn’t listen, would you?

    You’re a very intelligent and articulate person, Gaia.

    But when your emotions get the better of you, you’re a waste of time.

    On behalf of the other half a dozen people who listen to these audiochats, please be better next time.

    And please do not get mad or emotional at this feedback.

    I’m one of the few people who will bother to take the time to offer such feedback.


  4. marin2

    How this earth-model does do look nobody knows,what is known, water in rest will always level itsself. the rest is BS.

    1. xileffilex

      I just listened to the most recent episode of the Lawful Rebel chats
      in which Nigel, the host, dismissed any talk of the earth being other than a sphere because there was just too much evidence for the sphere. I have no dog in the race, but you will also observe that Nigel did a really good talk with Simon Shack, also another with Patrick, on their Tychos system. Of course there is a host of observations which support the Copernican-Keplerian model of the solar system…..

      The Channel, btw, is strongly recommended.


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