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  1. napoleon wilson

    i have not laughed so hard in years, thanks to everyone involved
    skylarkin love ya .from ricks laugh at freedom of speech for rollo to the revelation that smj aint a kiss fan ,
    and all in between plus prescients heddy days of manchesters gangs segment , pax wonderful , also has anyone else noticed that jan has the irrepressible laugh that the doctor in the simpsons has dr hibbert and delivered after some horrific fact gives me hope

    D,arcy originally a masculine name transferred from the French surname, d’Arcy, meaning “from Arcy”, a town in France.
    The name Darcy is a girl’s name of French, Irish origin meaning “dark one, or from Arcy, or from the fortress”. john la bon

    1. John le Bon

      Darcy is not an uncommon name in Australia, especially among young men (18-30yo).

      For one demonstration of this, here is the complete list of professional Australian footballers (AFL) as of 2021:


      There are more players named Darcy (nine) than Shaun (four) and Sean (2) combined.

      There are zero current players named Deni or Denny.

      There are also zero current players named Richard.

      The idea that foreign countries have popular names which are different from what you see in your own country might come as a surprise to SMJ, who may not have traveled outside of his home country.

      I’m not sure what Richard’s excuse is, other than his ‘brain injury’, given that he claims to have traveled extensively.

      Anyhow, another fakeologist audiochat for the ages. That last half hour or so reminded of a saying I heard a long time ago, and has stuck with me ever since:

      With friends like these, who needs enemies?

      1. smj

        That’s all good. You’ve got a catchy name down under.

        And like I said the Darcy’s in murica I’ve ever met were females.

        So yep, I have a different experience than the world’s greatest skeptic andwhatnot.

        For real though I like the name. No need for the jlb corporate identity. I would’ve went with darce, like the choke.

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