People on bikes don’t conspire

likes this

The only way to make sense of nonsensical putrid health orders is to look through a communist takeover paradigm and not a mythical contagious virus lens.

Thousands of strangers biking in close proximity allowed vs. foursomes of golfers being banned makes sense if you don’t want Jack to ask John how he makes sense of week 75 of the two week lockdown.

Any other place where people can conspire and collaborate and make opinion unmonitored using their five senses are ordered banned, like churches, protests, and restaurants.

Drop the virus glasses and put on your agenda 21 communist takeover glasses.

All will come into focus.

Major Road Closures are recurring short-term closures (i.e. weekends and holidays) of major streets adjacent highly utilized trails to provide more space for walking and cycling, thus enabling physical distancing. The weekend closures provided pace for thousands of people to be active, respect physical distancing and contributed to the overall wellbeing of residents.…

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