You’re an idiot if you get vaxxed

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The proof is in the CDC pudding.

Let’s face it, if they’re publicly admitting that half the employees at the CDC and the FDA aren’t getting vaccinated, the actual number is almost certainly north of two-thirds:

In my opinion, only a complete and confirmed idiot would permit himself to be injected with an untested substance that is intended to interfere with the human in order to protect himself against a disease with a very low mortality rate, especially when those who are selling it and urging people to get injected are a) immune to legal liability, and, b) are not being injected themselves.

And if you did, well, what can I say? There is no nice way to put this. You failed the stupid test. Congratulations? If you’re fortunate, there won’t be any significant long-term repercussions and you won’t fail the Darwin test too. We shall follow your future endeavors with interest.…

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