Endless lockdown roadmap

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UK 0;leaked” plan.

A Whitehall source directly linked to the Covid Response has said that the UK Government have already structured a detailed plan designed to neutralise each stage of lockdown easing, including the compliance of media outlets to help spread fear.


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5 thoughts on “Endless lockdown roadmap

  1. ricky

    Anybody can write this shit when the public has shit for brains. Headline “news” on Drudge today, Jeff Bezos is auctioning off trips to the “Space Station!” Everyday I read more and more farcical stories while the normies don’t give em a second thought, (as if that’s possible.)

  2. xileffilex

    The latest twist in this nonsensical script is that the Pfizer jab no longer needs the -70 to -80 degree storage [which sounded like scary sci-fi garbage at the start] but instead it can be bunged in a normal fridge for a month. Who can believe anything, even adverse reaction stories?

    Suddenly the alleged “synthetic messenger RNA”is no longer averse to the balmy conditions between plus 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. Who writes this s..t?

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