2 thoughts on “FAK309-Pat King blows up

  1. napoleon wilson

    i stopped commenting on 911 videos when my comments were removed from 911 videos on youtube by people youd think were out for some transparency, ill let you guess the culprits imnot leaving clues

    so 911 againlove it ,right 911 was models filmed mid seventies giving aquarter of a century gap to iron out any creases , how else do you explain star wars having all the events encoded in it answer you cant its i.l.m movie designed to fool coerce mind control the xennial generation , and as always a private joke or two for the brothers (houseclowns)

    building 7 hahahaahaa right that was scheduled to be demolished hush hush so the evil countries of the world wouldnt know when the han solomon building or cia headquarters were being pulled ,that way murica was still safe
    ,the demolition took place on the day they had arranged obviously ,they even advertised it by saying we had to pull it ,never understood why the fag architects and engineers didnt work that out , because the agents that worked there had to be majority of real personnel skilled also at what they did , plus removing computers and files because of the upcoming hush hush demolition would have been impossible to keep secret and i suspect was treated with the same respect as an operation or whatever they call their exploits

    so was there a crime? yes obviously the collapse was the crime. the collapse of the twin towers was a controlled demolition and the crime is the vitriol from professionals , like architects and engineers for truth trying to figure out what melts steel
    the murican media told you it was osama bin laden (ozma) made up enemy as usual,like the virus and infection theories and ozmacare youll have to avoid soon

    fyi the solomon building was said to have disappeared before returning for the finale ,same as han solo and his space ship ( your all clear kid now lets blow this thing and go home )

    loving abs shows fully agree with ricks appraisal this morning and most of waht is said from the gents,ab stop interupting , more audios from the fakeologist the better .if you madeit this far your voice is worth hearing,

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