3 thoughts on “Unmask and find toxic poisons

  1. napoleon wilson

    oh and im not having a pop at anyone ,by laughing at stargates ,i laugh at stargate because they shaped our reality with psi-fiction over a century , still the best trick going

    so forgive me when i have problems with the wording cos when i hear stargate i think space and egyptians ,instead of some arabic mathematic mosaic ,that a bunch of magicians hold dear

    i pretty much come to terms with space not being real and any dome or vacuum argument ive invented my own element called anti air that fills the spaces as you travel higher,if they can i can too,
    pretty much on same page as frank with what we can deduce ,its flat by default

    but lets not forget the united states is covered in gematria and some of it is harmonically based ,dave j can stepin here ! so seeing aslady likerty is stood in one chained and your country has been prepared for some sort of occupancy i wouldnt put it past the artistocrats to try and incorporate these places of interest , especially if they have perfected any magnetics or magic ( “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.) i,d never try and understand it ergo its magic to me
    keep your eye open for big monolth shape magnets ? not that obvious i bet any way ,that was just to put my opinion of what i see

    and i see a mass death count or reduced life span from the future of green enrgy and communications possibly no fear porn ,from a surprise adverse reaction especially those who were injected ten years ago during the covid 19 pandemic ( see that i made you imagine you were in the future) no seriously the stargate comes from a kabbalah tree and they have templates similar to electromagnetics and d,n,a, and other secret masonic bullshit
    but in short the green cleanse the plane ,from the stargate angle and especially what lady liberty secretly is ohh,scary queen of babylon
    and seeing as what dna is portraid as and its imagery sound like magic why not model it on a magic fucking tree

    oh and the curve they really want to flatten is pregnancy

  2. napoleon wilson

    some more irony for ya , boba fet flies around in a spaceship called slave 1 which is modelled on the statue of liberty,s torch and its compounds shape and colour ,so boba fet becomes copper,fe iron shaped similar (green too) and the mandalorians never remove their masks, oh and isnt the statue of liberty a big tell also ,shes chained to the ,,,,,,,let me say this with a straight face “stargate” ooh nearly made it

    say again star wars or america you choose

  3. napoleon wilson

    this topsy turvy world of shit never ceases to entertain me great video, isnt it funny how proving youcantcatchavirus or pass on a plague is done by conspiracy, conspire to breath in unison and they did and nothing happened to the healthy people. irony

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