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Just 7 more months

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This won’t end for Onterrible.

Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives (PCs) want seven more months of emergency powers.


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Screen shock doctrine

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The fog of Covaids war is being used to bring in big, Chinese style undebated change.

It has taken some time to gel, but something resembling a coherent Pandemic Shock Doctrine is beginning to emerge.

Now, in the midst of the carnage of this ongoing pandemic, and the fear and uncertainty about the future it has brought, these companies clearly see their moment to sweep out all that democratic engagement. To have the same kind of power as their Chinese competitors, who have the luxury of functioning without being hampered by intrusions of either labor or civil rights.


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China’s social credit program creeps into Canada

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China is in BC in many ways.

This one is a shocker, if the word has any meaning any more.

China’s Orwellian “social credit system” that records the social and financial behaviour of individuals and corporations across China, using a vast surveillance system, has expanded globally, and is now openly operational at the renowned Haidilao hot pot restaurant, in Western Canada.


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