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Ronnie from canucklaw.ca joins in to explain her research.

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FAC914-Rick and Jonnylist

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Ab, Jan Erik, Farcevalue, Anounceofsalt

jonnyslist — Yesterday at 6:24 AM

Full Version. Australian X Factor winner reveals worlds secret reli…
A must watch… highly important if you can see the way the world is heading and whats coming
All glory to the True Lord God, our Father in Heaven who gave his only Son, Jesus Christ who was crucified on a cross and paid our debt in full… Thank Y…

anounceofsaltperday — Yesterday at 7:05 AM

History of the Chrysanthemum

National Chrysanthemum Society, USA
History of the Chrysanthemum
Fakeologist mobile — Yesterday at 7:35 AM
Fakeotube – by Anon
Mother’s Day and Anti-Conception
anounceofsaltperday — Yesterday at 7:37 AM
Gidget starring Starring Sandra Dee
Gidget (1959) – IMDb
Directed by Paul Wendkos. With Sandra Dee, James Darren, Cliff Robertson, Arthur O’Connell. A young girl discovers surfing and love (in that order) during one transitive summer.

Linda Curtis — Yesterday at 8:52 AM

Sleuth Media
Russian vs China vs U.S. Army Recruitment Ads

smj — Yesterday at 8:54 AM
Gustave le bon was also a prophet of the atomic age…

Google Books
The Evolution of Forces

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