9 thoughts on “FAC915-Fertilizerspike

    1. napoleon wilson

      im not sure you cut it as a fakeologist rezmuttjeff,how on earth did a stoner like you not realise his brother toked also you live in the same house ,and dont say i was stoned

      we need a fakeologist version of the p,c,r,test to see how you measure on the scale ,it goes up to 11

      1. RezMuttJeff

        I just think it would be funny AF to hear a good old fashioned Dave J verbal beat down of this guy. Those made for some of the most entertaining chats I first listened to on here. MDAA. Make Discord Angry Again. Was funnier to me that way

  1. napoleon wilson

    nothing wrong with having belief in things ,after all we all believe things without proof ,usually because of a g factor doppler effect aimed at willing guinea pigs disguised as progress ,were in one now arent we ,none of the prophets for population control would go through what they are proposing

    and id rather someone angry than relaxed ,harder to wake up relaxed ,
    you said jackie o sorry boot that either way daddy kennedy wouldnt let the bullshit footage out if he did get shot, it was his medium after all
    and anyway what are the odds on one of the most powerful men at that time having three children die on camera,,

    so id like to hear more from ms minelli

  2. napoleon wilson

    abs impeccable as always , if i was remaking dragnet ab would be friday
    everyone knows it was covaids that caused the towers to collapse .
    not controlled demolition , i jest obviously it was controlled demolition .
    but seeing as ms minelli thought the driver shot jfk ,id like to know what he thinks about the legerdemain from that day or hes happy with the imagery

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