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  1. napoleon wilson

    the religion / chuch segment at 2 hours or so is truly funny and fascinating ,im imagining a little smj in church giving witness ,and i dont think id ask his grandma anything especially earth shapes ,she see my podgy ass and give me some jobs to do ,

  2. napoleon wilson

    doesnt the dancing racist sound familliar to anyone no ?,not ring any bells ? no
    well just me then , suppose im flakey and burnt out ahhaha . oh and thanks for the invite back ill take it under consideration ,thanos

    oh andit tookme 19 years to work out j,f,k
    ill tell ya how ,i spent a while looking into it after seeing oliver stones movie ,now i was young remeber im born in 77 ,im a xennial
    but the one thing that stayed in my mind was that jfk was a goodman and a womanizer that point was always made ,well despite geris iv supposedly being the acception to the rule ,id say you cant be both ,so using my ape logic i put jfk in the same group of thespians or acting clans that are placed in front of us to read their lines and follow the script , oh and then in 2012-13 i got interwebs and googlemonstered jfk conspiracy ,and voila we get jfk t.v oops imean jfk television,and culto and hoaxbusters ,oh and smj my hero confirmed my suspicions

  3. RezMuttJeff

    I think part of the verification process for the discord should include the question “Are you a registered sex offender?” & should he answer that question truthfully that would have automatically excluded Spike from the server considering the creepy sh*t he posts in the chat and the fact I’m pretty sure he’s a chicken rapist.

    1. watermanchris

      That would be good, IF the respondent was truthful.

      Mr. Spike over there would just lie like he does about his edumacation.

      First of all, sitting through indoctrination classes at MIT is nothing to brag about. The fact that he’s lying about it is even more pathetic.

      I knew he was lying about it when he just repeated what SMJ said to him and acted like he’d said something profound. How else could you argue both sides of the same facts without using the law?

      Also, his claim that MIT somehow has special tests that have the ability to test ones ability to learn the information they taught you is absurd. When Shawn asked for an example? Crickets

      Maybe he’s used to thinking he’s smarter than the NPCs around him but this group is an entirely different kettle of fish.

      I said it on discord but I’m repeating it here, this dude is unstable and I will be surprised if the discord server survives his antics.

  4. ricky

    That was worse than I expected even after reading watermanchris this morning. There’s nothing worse than a confident kook, especially at his age, he’ll never be able to get out of his own way. I predict he’ll never be worth listening to ever, especially here.

    1. watermanchris

      Yeah. I should have been a little more clear. Dude is a chore to listen to. Shawn and Frank did a pretty good job of exposing his nonsense.

      I agree with you 100%. You could grab any normie of the street and the conversation would be better. The arrogance is just so off-putting.

  5. Master of None

    Would someone please remove the turd from the punch bowl? Never have I been less interested in what someone has to say. Derail, and insult, make demands and come in like you own the place.And you’ve been on the scene for three days.

  6. watermanchris

    I think I want to see Fertilizer Spike and Gaia have a chat. Two realologists battling it out for king of the realology hill. That being said, it should probably NOT occur on the FAKEologist discord server.

    If one has never been presented with the evidence of fakery in the Kennedy “deaths”, one could be excused for believing in the fairy tales. We can chalk that up to a “failure of imagination”. However, IF one still believes in the fairy tale after being presented with the evidence, that person of officially a realologist and should probably find a new place to hang out.

    I always love to hear from SMJ and Frank.

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