4 thoughts on “? Immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle Interview

  1. napoleon wilson

    weiss and jeranism are hired bitcoin guns and both introduced flat earth with shows upon shows of showing you the masonic experiments to find curve, which had already been carried out for a century prior remember ,plus weiss had a friend called robert patrick noonan whos despite his appearance lack of neck made it in the banking world and died on 911 or was he dissappeared ,then it stands to reason that batcoin and covaids (the economic equivalent of 911) would send out people to sell batcoins andother such crypto ,is uncle odd a mason ,ihave no idea (are the other crypto pushers dont know ,does he push crypto yes ,is that bad ,i have no idea ,its all promises anyway but this ones based on fear ,with a chain attached ,i bet the imaginary titanic had agents selling life boat seats ,

    go to 2 hours 41 mins
    for a few mins all is clear ,and its a story

    on a plus side hes against masks ,and i have enjoyed chats he and ab has had , and he went walking through aligator country , also hes never really offended me as much as the others have , but he says druids and i say droids ,and never the twain shall meet

  2. Vespadouglas

    The “SPIKE” protein. Funny AF………..Anybody who is unaware that herose is a corporate media HO is simply not paying attention.


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