1 thought on “Dr. Peter McCullough: all about ID2020 marking/branding you

  1. Gabriel

    This sure seems out of place for a key Physician from Baylor/Dallas, Texas (my home) and academic acknowledging the intent. However we come by it, it is great to have this information getting out.

    Simon just posted another good video in the CV thread on Cluesforum of other Texas physicians testifying to senate hearings that the vaccine is harmful. In that testimony the doctors were seeing healthy college kids coming into the office short of breath or falling on their faces. The best quote from that video “drug companies stopped the animal trials because the animals were all dying”. No joke. That was testimony to congress. Of course Simon’s video was scrubbed from YouTube but a good person from Sweden saved it an posted on Vimeo.

    We are living in insane times with insane people running the world. Worse, we have many people with Stockholm syndrome going along with it. When I am not super busy and I have time alone to think I cannot fathom that all of this is happening. The company I work for I see a lot of my peers happy they got the vaccine. I tried telling some of them what I see and they will have nothing of it. They trust too much and cannot see the evil lurking and the horrible intent.

    Thanks for continuing to share the information. Its the very best we can do. I want more people to become aware and change the direction we are headed.


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