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No pandemic here in Canada

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Canada’s own numbers don’t show a pandemic, although the rate was up in 2020.

If you search up all-cause mortality in Canada you will find estimates of what the expected number will be but nothing giving a precise number. This is because to calculate that number you must calculate week by week the death numbers for Canada in 4 age categories. This means you have to calculate each week’s data for 4 different age groups for a total of 208 different data entries in total.

Source: All-Cause Mortality Canada 2020 – Number of deaths IS up – Diverge Media

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Duping delight to promote toxic quaxxine?

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Not sure I’d be smiling if I had heart inflammation – but in a sick way the controllers are likely using crisis actors to promote the quaxxine by acclimatizing you to toxic effects of the poison.

Even though this is atrocity propaganda, they still end the segment telling people to get the experimental biological injection – in other words, enjoy your poison so you can go back to “normal”.

Source: Sacrifice kids to Get Back to Normal – 153 News – Because Censorship Kills

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Government is Our Mortal Enemy

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The initial announcement (and now current narrative) that the Chinese through a U.S. funded & controlled lab, purposely or ‘accidentally’ released a deadly virus on their own population with the intent to cause death worldwide, is ridiculous, but was easy to sell to an ignorant and gullible population that had been pre-conditioned to fear any monster claimed by the people’s masters to be a threat.

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Follow the bouncing ball

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Very few are paying attention to NASA and its pathetic fakery.

For those that do, here’s another slip up.

Dear all, it would appear that ‘zero gravity’ acts in – uh – opposed directions – depending on which side of the Earth the ISS is traveling…

Source: Fakery in Orbit: THE I$$ – Page 105 – Cluesforum—Exposing Mass Deception


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