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Special propaganda for the awake

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The quaxxinators have special needles for the awake.

Another great Canadian blog.

The governments around the world have taken something that was not theirs, OUR FREEDOMS, and they’ve done it all with INTENTIONALLY false pretenses.

People ask, how do all the health authorities around the world depict the same sort of fear and the same sort of measures in complete unison, but it’s the only way to implement a global psychological operation against 7 billion people simultaneously.


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Tragedy of the commons

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Jeff brings up some very interesting topics.

This phenomenon is likely the reason why it’s difficult to get communism to work, even with technocracy managing it.

In economic science, the tragedy of the commons is a situation in which individual users, who have open access to a resource unhampered by shared social structures or formal rules that govern access and use, act independently according to their own self-interest and, contrary to the common good of all users, cause depletion of the resource through their uncoordinated action.




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Institute for Pandemics

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Why this will never end, especially for Onterrible, especially for Toronto.

Remember those conspiracy nuts saying this was never going to end? The University of Toronto Institute for Pandemics was launched in 2020. It hosts many of the same players from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, and the Ontario Science Table, such as Adalsteinn Brown, David Fisman and Colin Furness.

Fun fact: University of Toronto has several registered charities tied to its name. Much more on that later.

COVID-19, SARS and other urgent health threats began in animals. It’s time to drop misleading distinctions between human and animal health. Our underpinning “one health” approach considers human, animal and environmental health together.

(Charity) University Of Toronto “Institute For Pandemics” Funded By Millers, Merck, Run By Ontario Science Table canucklaw.ca/charity-universit…

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Covaids origin discussions – a clever approach for hiding the scam

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More misdirection and (indirect) promotion.

Same applies to the likely phony 3200 “leaked” emails.


It appears that the current media indulgence with finding virus origin is not related to the public health policy or benefit but to divert the attention from the fake story of the virus existence. The news or debate about the virus’s origin is indirectly establishing the view that the virus exists. However, science provides no evidence of the existence or presence of the virus.


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We talk about natrium, the super duper new cooling system for the new (fake) unclear reactors in Wyoming. Basically salt water replaces fresh water – not one word on the source of the heat – presumably we’re still using magic rocks.

Natrium™ Reactor and Integrated Energy Storage


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