Author Rosa Koire’s Cause of Death Due to Her Illness

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A death due to illness – how novel. At least it wasn’t suicide by shotgun to the head.

Rosa was one of my favourite agenda21 exposers.

Another truther leaves the stage at such a critical time. One has to be suspicious.

We are saddened to hear of Miss Koire’s passing. It is confirmed that author Rosa Koire’s cause of death was due to her illness.…

H/t Dante

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1 year ago

The intiial report seems to have come on june 1, hidden behind a wrong spelling [hmmmm] of the name.… Spiro Skouras only just started pushing the death 11 hours ago- –… where’s he been lately? Surely the grapevine is better than that? He was the first in my experience to publicise the Great Reset. Alison McDowell also kept it quiet. June 5… Alison McDowell @Philly852 After our Solstice Teach-In we will be recognizing the contributions of Rosa Koire. Join us 6/20 4pm at the FDR statue, Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York City. Brief… Read more »