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FAK316-Markus Allen

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Markus comes on to give us his latest discoveries on the end of Covid in PA.


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McMaster university lying about isolating covaids

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Real investigative journalism – not entertainment “news”.

It’s boring, dry, and the truth.

Not only does the Hospital admit to having no records describing isolation of “the virus” from an unadulterated sample from any diseased human on the planet, they went much further. Mount Sinai Hospital states that isolation of ANY virus directly from an unadulterated sample “is not within the scope of current scientific processes.” Wow.


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Muckraking McMaster

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Another Canadian university pumping the quaxxine agenda.

McMaster is also very involved in advancing the vaccine agenda. Funny how terms like “interim authorization” and “manufacturer indemnification” seem noticeably absent from the conversation.


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FAC920-Rick and Rollo

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Rick, Rollo, Ab, Jonnyslist, Jan Erik

Show notes:

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