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A great patron, discord user – Lostspiderphallus from California.

Los Angeles Times
At least one firefighter is down as a gunman opens this morning at a fire station in the Aqua Dulce area.

Pics are from my driveway

Here’s my house and I think the burning house

Crazy swat teams jumping out of helicopters

You’re seeing a staged event live?

The thought had crossed my mind

Live drill

that’s awesome! I’ve never gotten that close to a fake event

The fake Parkland shooting was pretty close to me but I was working about an hour north when it happened.

I know my son and I were just talking about there being no body at the burned house and they say he died in a pool, what pool lol?. 1 of the firefighters who was killed was the father of my sons friend that he has known since kindergarten though so thats weird.

was he Asian?

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2 thoughts on “FAK317-Lostspiderphallus

  1. xileffilex

    Firefighters and cops retire early. That’s why a fake death is no big deal. The proof is, as ever, in the casket.


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