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Fakeologist, [08.06.21 20:34]
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PLEASE NOTICE! All post pushing the FAKE spike protein shedding will be deleted.

From John Blaid:

Recently I made a post regarding my perspective on this whole idea of 0;shedding” and here are the highlights that I want to bring forward once again:

  1. No “virus” has ever been isolated, period.
  2. Since no “virus” has been isolated then no “spike protein” has been isolated. You need an isolated “virus” to determine if it even has a “spike protein” or not.
  3. Since no “virus” or “spike protein” has ever been isolated then nobody can claim it binds to a “cell receptor”. You need an isolated “virus” to determine if it binds to a “cell receptor” or not.
  4. Since there are no isolated “viruses”, “spike proteins” or known “cell receptors” that they bind to then there aren’t any known biological mechanisms for transmission and infection of anything even if that anything would be synthetically created in a lab and injected into someone.

    What I forgot to say in my previous post is that some research also suggest that we don’t have any “cell receptors” because none have been shown in EM pictures which is why I put “cell receptors” in quotation marks. I came across this little nugget when I was reading the latest article of Dr Stefan Lanka that was about PI-water that also questions the cell theory.

“PI-water and a new theory of life”

Click to access pi-water-understanding-water-recognising-life.pdf

So neither “viruses”, “spike proteins” or “cell receptors” seem to exist according to my research and that removes the basis for any biological mechanism for transmission and “infection” of anyone. Whatever it is that makes unvaccinated people ill it’s not due to a “spike protein” even if that is claimed to be created synthetically in a lab because last time I checked, we aren’t gods where we can create new features in nature that doesn’t already exist in some form.

Now to be clear, I am not saying that nobody gets harmed by these injections that contain these synthetically created proteins and toxins, I fully support the fact that people do gets harmed by these injections. But what I do not support is the idea that someone injected with a synthetic protein causes someone else to get ill because of “shedding” because my research suggest that it can’t happen because there is no known biological mechanism for that.

It also seems to be some people that have latched on to the idea that a detox of toxins can cause someone else to get ill but if that were true then all animals and humans on this planet would cause all other animals and humans illness all the time because our bodies detox 24/7. This idea doesn’t make any sense to me.

Do toxins from the outside cause people to get ill? Of course they are, toxins are one of the primary reasons to why people get ill in the first place but there is one thing that isn’t addressed here and that is that the levels of toxins on the inside of our bodies are always much lower than they are on the outside. When we detox then the toxins are being degraded by various processes inside our bodies where they then can be pushed out through our skin in some cases so whatever toxins we have on the inside are always much lower once they reach the surface of our skin.

When I said that the toxins are lower on the inside compared to the outside then just think about this for a second, you can have a whole barrel of toxins next to your house but you can’t put that whole barrel of toxins inside your body because then you would be dead. We can handle a lot more toxins on the outside of our bodies than on the inside, that is very clear and I like to end with saying that find me a single study that shows that someone going through a detox of toxins causes someone else to get ill without the idea of a “virus” being in the center of the study.
I hope that this cleared things up a bit more that wasn’t properly addressed in my previous post.

Research summary and debunk regarding the existence of “SARS-CoV-2” and “COVID-19”

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