Canada is being run by WHO?

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Vaxports are coming – and it’s not a Canadian idea.

More proof Canada is not a representative democracy – it’s the world’s first post nation state being run from somewhere else (Geneva or NYC via UN).

This is a sequel to the last article. Vaccine passports are coming to Canada, but where did the order come from? On June 4, 2021, the World Health Organization handed down instructions on proceeding with vaccine passports. On June 7, (yesterday), the Federal Government posted an invitation to bid on the creation of a biometric tracking system, which would most likely include a form of vaccine passport.

Source: CV #25(F): Ottawa Launching Vaccine Passports At Instigation Of WHO-IHR, 7th Meeting – Canuck Law

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2 thoughts on “Canada is being run by WHO?

  1. Gabriel

    With all the challenges of people in the world its hard to believe the new highest priority is creation of a biometric tracking system with vaccine passport. Imagine if this same kind of effort was put toward solving homelessness, or clean water, and healthy food for everyone. Instead all the energy is put to create a fake problem, scare and generate a reaction of the people, and then provide the predetermined unnecessary solution.

    1. xileffilex

      I think you’re looking down the wrong end of the telescope, Gabriel. The farm managers need to micro-manage the herd and are not going to waste their precious resources on animals which are of little utility. This is not going to end well for the majority.


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