Shoestring psyop

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Guess all the money went to the Covaids event.

Canada’s rarely get any kind of character development.

The London event is an extreme case in point.

The “really unusual” vacuum of online information about a London man charged with killing four members of a Muslim family is perplexing, a hate-crime expert said Wednesday, as an old friend of the accused offered new insights into his past.…

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2 thoughts on “Shoestring psyop

  1. peetiro

    It’s funny, Canadian psy ops have the same flat, vacant, low budget feel as Canadian television and film productions.

    Even normies I’ve talked to are finding this one suspicious – the news shows tire tracks swerving off the road and tell the viewer that a vicious, premeditated hate crime has been committed, that its the worst ‘mass killing’ in the history of London, ON and that Canada has a deep-seated anti-Muslim problem.

    Interesting details under the ‘Witnesses’ heading of the newly minted wikipedia page on the event, not surprisingly, a CBC/Rogers-linked journalist was at the scene, sort of:

    Paige Martin, a CBC London OHL contributor and Rogers TV host,[19] said she was at a red light when a black pickup truck sped past her, shaking her car from the force. Minutes later, she arrived at what she described as a gruesome scene.

    A London Yellow Taxi driver witnessed Veltman’s arrest. The company president said Veltman told the driver to call police because he killed someone. The driver called 911 and waved down a passing police cruiser. Veltman laughed as he was arrested, and asked the driver to film it.,_…

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