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Wickedpedia is a psyop

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How many other “Philip Cross”-like accounts are there on Wikipedia? Has the site always functioned as an establishment psyop designed to manipulate public perception of existing power structures, or did that start later? I don’t know. Right now all I know is that an agenda very beneficial to the intelligence agencies, war profiteers and plutocrats of the western empire is clearly and undeniably being advanced on the site, and its founder is telling us it’s nothing. He is lying. Watch him closely.


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You can’t catch a virus

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Please check my main Corona virus is a hoax resources page here.

Northern Tracey resource page.


Listen to this audio on viri and learn that they are NOT contagious and cannot be passed on in any way!

Here’s another fantastic one hour video that tells you what’s really going on.

This video explains that the test invented by K. Mullis was never intended to be used for determining specific “viri”.


Watch this video from Tom’s youtube channel



What about the test? We are told it’s 80.33% false positive! With such an insane unreliability rate, it’s worse than useless!



Here’s a lesson in logic to ask yourself if the way you are told about viri makes any sense at all


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A FOI request in Ireland proves that their government has no evidence of an isolated Covid19 virus.

This is easy to explain if you understand that viri are not contagious. They are created by our bodies for our bodies (only) to help repair our own systems. Even if we could pass a virus on to someone else (we can’t), it would be like passing a used Band-Aid of the wrong size and shape to another that would do absolutely nothing.

When we understand this basic model, we know that all the debates around masks, distancing, and vaccines are misdirection from the critical concept above.

They don’t have to worry about the answers when they have everyone asking the wrong questions.


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What is immunity? You won’t like the answer

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In 1903 a scientist called Nicholas Maurice Arthus was busy poisoning rabbits with various ‘protein poisons’ and venoms. He was trying to work out how ‘immunity’ happened. The process Pasteur had theorized in his germ theory and people had been practising with their home-made innoculations. Arthus tho was working with poisons (poison proteins) and venoms. He discovered the ‘Arthus Reaction’. This is where it gets interesting because he discovered that injection of a protein didn’t cause a reaction the first

The ‘released from a bio-lab’ story is ONLY a psy-op to induce more fear, to convince us that their viruses are REAL even if they are not natural. The only truth in this story is that the ‘genome’ they say is from a novel virus WAS made in a lab. A gene lab. On a computer. It is a manmade gene sequence that cannot do anything because it doesn’t exist except in a computer. This big lie is a cover-up for the other big lie. They have no viruses.
The fact that the mainstream media are now running this story and facebook have taken it off their banned list speaks volumes. The vaccines are not selling well. Not enough people are willing to risk their lives for what they see as another flu. The fear factor needed ramping up another notch. THAT is the only reason they have pulled this joker card. It’s a very risky move because it could expose the WHOLE lie and they’re obviously willing to take that risk to get whatever it is they want to inject into us, into us. The prime objective is the shots, anything else will be put down to collateral.

Source: Proteins, Spikes and Bio-weapons. – Northern Tracey’s scribblings

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FAC922-Markus and Printspepe

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New voice Printspepe tells us about his eyewitness account of 9/11 from New Jersey.

With Markus, Misom, Ab, TomD, Jonnyslist, Farcevalue, returning from a long-time Uninstall Media, Critical Syncer, Benoit, Fakeache, Babette

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