FAC922-Markus and Printspepe

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New voice Printspepe tells us about his eyewitness account of from New Jersey.

With Markus, Misom, Ab, TomD, Jonnyslist, Farcevalue, returning from a long-time Uninstall Media, Critical Syncer, Benoit, Fakeache, Babette

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7 thoughts on “FAC922-Markus and Printspepe

  1. ricky

    “Wouldn’t there be thousands of people rushing onto their balconies………….photographing the column?” You’ve raised some key questions xilliffilex, I don’t know if this possibility was raised before but occurred to me with your’ questions. Why would the “official time of any events of 911″ be any more real than other parts of the story? It seems you could put up a smokescreen, start the movie, demo both towers and who would even know, and if a few did, who would listen, solves the problem of videos showing discrepancies with the second tower footage. How about having sound devices along with smoke to obscure visibility replicate a second collapse later. I know pepes” story dovetails nicely with what we think might’ve happened and he seems believable, but I’m skeptical of any “eyewitness” accounts . Good questions by xilliffilex and Misom who made some good points.

    1. napoleon wilson

      faye hasnt asked the real question yet, but she has shown her work ,now id be surprized if anyone who says they are a 911 researcher or witness answered all her questions without obfuscation
      so ill prove this is all bullshit without a witness and faye can prove all the witnesses and researchers are bullshit and we,ll meet in the middle for a drink

  2. napoleon wilson

    ok firstly this covid bollocks is turning people into idiotic heartless cowards (oz viruses), to the point that theres hundreds who were in on the vitriol arranged by the perps for us to consume after 911,but we,re still gettin mongs with shows who refer to no planers or controlled demolition dergatorically and will move onto stories about the middle east ,now these bellends have to accept the fact national security and highschool fraternity is gonna rape their countrymen and its resources , the explosion yall refering to seeing is also at the beginning of blade runner

    go to 4.06

  3. napoleon wilson

    faye when asked why it matters if people died, you said so you can eliminate the blood cancer thats allegedly beeen caused to thousands thus the ambiguity of saying its all fake is being used by the perps stooges as a glass ceiling of truth (insert roald dahl imagery) because its the same crew who planned covid ,and they need their shills and legerdemain pointing out,

    lets not forget there are downwinders that allegedly got cancer from a rift created in the aether by t,n,t .or a quick tetanus richter shot x
    im not sure i can help point out whos in on the height of the glass ceiling or what have you, as my satr wars clues works on shills .masons .and talking heads , its not a smart weapon from a gullible ape its not even a stretch to say the only company capable of such magic was chosen ,but it can be honed to fit
    fully enjoy your911 research as it will eventually sink in with alot of people what you are doing,

    1. vantassel

      Some words contained within Herbert George Wells






  4. Gabriel

    I really enjoyed the call. Great to hear Pepe’s eyewitness account on 9/11. If he comes on again I would like to know how people reacted and what the atmosphere was like after it. I know where I was in the country we were all in shock and it took a while for people to get back to normal. My guess is for those in the New York area it must have been overwhelming and even any concern that other attacks could happen. It is awesome that his wife said the government did it. I woke up way after 9/11 but I remember in my gut thinking this cannot be real and especially with the US military doing nothing during the whole exercise. Here this big event happened and the media and everyone took it in stride. It was very awkward.

  5. xileffilex

    Vaery eenterestiing. [Were east and west mixed up in the 9/11 discussion?] I am always amazed at how there is a total absence of imagery or footage from Jersey City [or even NY itself] of the smoking towers. If this were mind-blowing news [as it was on the radio in the UK in the afternoon [BST] wouldn’t there be thousands of people rushing onto their balconies or windows transfixed, staring, photographing the column? I do remember finding some years ago a timelapse of the smoke cloud but have no idea where it went – the video that is….

    Excellent probing by Misom.


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