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A FOI request in Ireland proves that their government has no evidence of an isolated Covid19 virus.

This is easy to explain if you understand that viri are not contagious. They are created by our bodies for our bodies (only) to help repair our own systems. Even if we could pass a virus on to someone else (we can’t), it would be like passing a used Band-Aid of the wrong size and shape to another that would do absolutely nothing.

When we understand this basic model, we know that all the debates around masks, distancing, and vaccines are misdirection from the critical concept above.

They don’t have to worry about the answers when they have everyone asking the wrong questions.

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1 year ago

Just noticed this wonderful 7 page forum from 2016 – Do Viruses Exist?, introduced by “Atkhenaten” and with wonderful spirited defence to the end by him/her.…
It ends – final word from the moderator…

If you can’t accept the science then the thread is pointless. Which I why it has been locked

The psience is settled.
No need to go to their Covid pages for any questioning of the narrative….

2 years ago

I don’t get it – why didn’t those answering the FoI request merely cite all the various scientific papers in which the authors claimed to have isolated the Sars-Cov-2 virus? e.g. Harcourt et al… Chan et al… This Canadian trio, who in a news item claimed to have isolated the virus, March 12 2020 Research team has isolated the COVID-19 virus Dr. Robert Kozak, Dr. Samira Mubareka, Dr. Arinjay Banerjee… Markus Hoffmann et al [which includes the notorious Drosten] “We have tested SARS-CoV-2 isolated from a patient and found that camostat mesilate blocks entry of the virus… Read more »