FAK320-Markus Allen announcement

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, [13.06.21 :03]
Are People REALLY ‘Waking Up’? · Fakeotube – by Anon

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research – Our World in Data

Fundraiser for Adam Skelly by Barry McNamar : Adamson BBQ Legal Defence Fund

World Economic Forum 2021 cancelled in Singapore

Singapore will ease Covid rules and open vaccinations to those 12 and older, and other international news. – The New York Times

REAL ID Deadline Extended Again For Pennsylvanians

Israel Lifts Most of Its Covid Restrictions

Apple Stores to Drop Mask Requirement for Vaccinated Customers This Week | Page 2 | MacRumors Forums

Google relents and transfers Duck.com to DuckDuckGo

Fundraiser by Jennifer Bridges : Freedom of choice! Methodist mandating Vaccine!

Antivaxxers giving bars that check vaccine passports low reviews

No I wasn’t. But thanks for the idea. Fuck your Passports. It’s no ones fucking business what medical treatments you have in your body. Especially not a Bars! from NoNewNormal

COVID-19: The Great Reset (9782940631124): Schwab, Klaus, Malleret, Thierry: Books

Building a Trustworthy and Connected Future | DAVOS AGENDA 2021

Airlines have seen an unprecedented rise in disruptive passengers. Experts say it could get worse.

COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A with Dr. Kate O’Brien (WHO)

No New Normal (subreddit)

Telegram Analytics


“PODCAST” Proteins, Spikes and Bio-weapons With Tracey Northern

Proteins, Spikes and Bio-weapons.
Proteins, Spikes and Bio-weapons.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Foil (Official Video) – YouTube

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7 thoughts on “FAK320-Markus Allen announcement

  1. xileffilex

    I can’t possibly agree with Markus – people aren’t waking up and it’s not going away – all the nonsense around the fake pandemic will be permanent and will transition seamlessly into “climate crisis” lockdowns with more, different tyrannical behavioural constraints, in addition to current nonsensical”health” measures – as annoouced by a UK Communist at the heart of the UK government advice service, SAGE:
    The Permanent Nature of “Temporary” Tyranny – Dave Cullen [video 22mins]

    ….don’t forget your face mask along with your door keys – you might get locked out or kill granny.

    1. napoleon wilson

      so lets go through some counterparts of the script ,dont call in its just for fun ,levine the man in a dress who likes wizard of oz outfits and ted levine who played buffalo bill in silence of the sheeps,i mean lambs , who also had issues are counterparts

      in batman the masked man from wuhan hits the detonator when number 19 on the alchemical football pitch kicks it, then in the first charge you see 20 yardline flipped in an instant to make it 0Z,number 86 is isolated ,

      oh and its random winky dinks in this post you want them in order watch my vids, no numerology or gematria is used in the programming of gullible apes

      dark knight,s the man with two masks (jaucir) has the masonic bank clerks hands tied whilst him and his masked strangers rob solomons temple (he really is a brooklyn doger)

      interstellars baseball game uses social distancing until they all have to put on masks because of global warming dust cloud ,and then incidentally heading back to judys farm, to embark on project warpspeed ,i mean lazarus

      inception ending is obviously end of wizard of oz,

      and tenet shows flying monkeys from oz red and blue masons destroying and rebuilding solomons temple (trump metaphor ?we,ll see ,aswell as gun grabbing and well renowned magicians tricks being performed in their natural or original habitats , indian rope trick is in india, bullet catch is performed on a stage,

      we have had people say their magicians in fakeologist
      i dont believe in magic

      c.mon weve got the yellow brick (card) system to report ruby slippers

      oh and in the return to oz the wheelies are the new badguys, scooter crime anyone

  2. watermanchris

    I won’t be too critical but I’ll just say I think Markus is projecting HIS thoughts onto stats and articles published in the media. For instance 20% of children not going back to school is not because parents know that school is bad for their children. Many are still terrified and I would say a large percentage are still teaching their children germ theory in “home school”. Even if a small percentage of them have worked out that school isn’t good for children, they likely have no idea that germ theory is nonsense.

    As an anecdote, our son was going to a Sudbury school in South Florida when Covaids was hoisted upon us. These are people that KNOW government schools are not there to make children smart. Well, guess what? They were ALL wearing masks and they ALL believe the TV about muh Covaids, BLM, LGBTQ, etc. That was all I needed to see. Before Covaids, I believed that the other parents were “awake”. I was wrong AF.

  3. napoleon wilson

    look markus you cant call jlb any derogatory names without him we wouldnt know this was a hoax

    youve been quoted as saying people who you encounter are waking up by numerous fakeologists even before covaids ritual started, so jlb is recycling content again, ahahaha

  4. napoleon wilson

    christski has a background ,im sure the boys will add any crazy facts about his wealth and up bringing education,family etc etc but its obvious he has a lawyer speaking into his ears explaining all the legal pitfalls hes gonna encounter on his pilgrimage .

    and lets not forget alex jones and his media are public enemy number one ,you need two sides to acheive synthesis ,so its all going according to the plan,

    big shout to frank


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