5 thoughts on “FAK321-Ab with Daniel on Agenda 21

  1. xileffilex

    Niki is still active, prolific indeed, but almost exclusively on facebook, banging the communitarianism warning drum

    There’s some interesting stuff there.

    UK Column recently alerted me to the circa 2009 concept of the “Twenty Minute Neighbourhood”, the “Fifteen Minute City”. Rosa Koire strangely never mentioned them, despite them being pushe out in liberal Oregon. They’re making a comeback in Scotland, nicely fitting in with the smart city idea with minimal travel. I’ll come back to them shortly.

    You can hear Niki on this recent call – from about 18 minutes Feb 19 2021

  2. napoleon wilson

    Only Eric I’ve used

    Great conversation
    When discerning who’s controlled and who’s legit, in this case my personal view is that we’re offered different degrees of worst case scenarios to choose from and that all follow the end result which is to secure the idea of communitarianism in the mind , to some it’s easier if I explain it as a timeline that differs depending on the opposition it encounters , Also, Rosa Koire

    Rose Croix

    Rose Cross


    Let’s not forget the posturing done by the trillionaires in the case of environmental protection, I’m none the wiser but more sceptical of all the people who have left us during this hrdpar,

    Once again great chat


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