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  1. xileffilex

    There’s also a keen anti-Communitarian in the UK, Mark “Windows on the World” Windows [nice reference there to the restaurants at the top of WTC1]


    I hadn’t realised that Etzioni, born Werner Falk, had penned a 2014 book called The New Normal: Finding a Balance Between Individual Rights and the Common Good’.
    It’s interesting how that phrase has been hijacked by the Green UN Agenda pushers.
    Although in defence of his book, Etzioni stated [Brooking Institute Blog] Etzioni states:
    …because special interests have captured so many parts of the government that they no longer serve any major segments of the public but heads of hedge funds, oil companies, Medicare mills, et cetera. The Democrats have not succeeded in pointing this out, in part because they are on take from the same interests.
    can’t argue with that. i.e. Vanguard, Blackrock run the show. Shock,horror!

    However, I never get an idea of what the Anti-Communitarians actually want: this is where we are now, 7.8 billion people crowded mainly into cities. Or do we all go off-grid in Alaska with no rules, ‘ no “shepherds” and “steerers” and “shapers” – yes that’s all 7,800,000,000 of us. Good luck with that. Or are they, deep down, eugenicists too?
    Perhaps we need to discuss that some time.


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