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Koran says there is no contagion

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Listen to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

What did the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) mean by “No contagion (‘adwa)”?


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Covaids a permanent solution to endless health care expenses

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The baby boomers would have crashed the health care system as they enter their 8th decade.

Covaids gave the excuse to slam the door closed and lock it.

An amazing, all purpose psyop. Evil genius.

Hospitals across Canada — not just Ontario — responded by cancelling thousands of preventative, screening, and non emergency procedures. The health care system stopped taking care of the people it didn’t have the capacity to anyway. An interesting way to end hallway medicine. Just cancel services and end the backlog.

January 2019: First Interim Report Of Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine canucklaw.ca/january-2019-firs…

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Show me the pandemic bucks

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Ronnie doing great research.

If this doesn’t make your blood boil, nothing will. CIHR, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research has been handing out public money to pay people to convince others to take the experimental, unapproved, gene replacement “vaccines”. And yes, pregnant women are specifically mentioned in these grants.

INTERIM AUTHORIZATION — deemed to be “worth the risk” under the circumstances, doesn’t have to be fully tested. Allowed under Section 30.1 of the Canada Food & Drug Act. Also known as emergency authorization.
APPROVED — Health Canada has fully reviewed all the testing, and steps have been done, with the final determination that it can be used for the general population.

CIHR Using Taxpayer Money To Convince Pregnant Women & Children To Get Vaccine canucklaw.ca/cihr-using-taxpay…

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The Sun hoaxes the Moon – in 1835

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Long before NASA was even a seed.

The Great Moon Hoax of 1835 was the most spectacular global news event of the year, despite it being a complete fabrication. Was it satire gone wrong, or a cynical ploy to sell newspapers?

Source: The Great Moon Hoax: The Birth of Fake News?

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Covidianism in Commiefornia

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Here are just some of the experiments that have been done on the common cold / flu. Many studies like this have been done in other diseases like measles and chicken pox as well, and they have not been able to prove viral causation or contagion.

In March of 1919 Rosenau & Keegan conducted 9 separate experiments in a group of 49 healthy men, to prove contagion. In all 9 experiments, 0/49 men became sick after being exposed to sick people or the bodily fluids of sick people.


In November 1919, 8 separate experiments were conducted by Rosenau et al. in a group of 62 men trying to prove that influenza is contagious and causes disease. In all 8 experiments, 0/62 men became sick.

Another set of 8 experiments were undertaken in December of 1919 by McCoy et al. in 50 men to try and prove contagion. Once again, all 8 experiments failed to prove people with influenza, or their bodily fluids cause illness. 0/50 men became sick.

In 1919, Wahl et al. conducted 3 separate experiments to infect 6 healthy men with influenza by exposing them to mucous secretions and lung tissue from sick people. 0/6 men contracted influenza in any of the three studies.


In 1920, Schmidt et al conducted two controlled experiments, exposing healthy people to the bodily fluids of sick people. Of 196 people exposed to the mucous secretions of sick people, 21 (10.7%) developed colds and three developed grippe (1.5%). In the second group, of the 84 healthy people exposed to mucous secretions of sick people, five developed grippe (5.9%) and four colds (4.7%). Of forty-three controls who had been inoculated with sterile physiological salt solutions eight (18.6%) developed colds. A higher percentage of people got sick after being exposed to saline compared to those being exposed to the “virus”.


In 1921, Williams et al. tried to experimentally infect 45 healthy men with the common cold and influenza, by exposing them to mucous secretions from sick people. 0/45 became ill.


In 1924, Robertson & Groves exposed 100 healthy individuals to the bodily secretions from 16 different people suffering from influenza. The authors concluded that 0/100 became sick as a result of being exposed to the bodily secretions.


In 1930, Dochez et al. attempted to infect a group of men experimentally with the common cold. The authors stated in their results, something that is nothing short of amazing.

“It was apparent very early that this individual was more or less unreliable and from the start it was possible to keep him in the dark regarding our procedure. He had inconspicuous symptoms after his test injection of sterile broth and no more striking results from the cold filtrate, until an assistant, on the second day after injection, inadvertently referred to this failure to contract a cold.

That evening and night the subject reported severe symptomatology, including sneezing, cough, sore throat and stuffiness in the nose. The next morning he was told that he had been misinformed in regard to the nature of the filtrate and his symptoms subsided within the hour. It is important to note that there was an entire absence of objective pathological changes”.


In 1937 Burnet & Lush conducted an experiment exposing 200 healthy people to bodily secretions from people infected with influenza. 0/200 became sick.


In 1940, Burnet and Foley tried to experimentally infect 15 university students with influenza. The authors concluded their experiment was a failure.


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