Dr.SHIVA’s Historic First Amendment Lawsuit to Win Back Freedom

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This is the first lawsuit to expose how the government censors U.S. citizens’ speech on Twitter.

Elections matter only if you’re part of the club. Dr. Shiva is not.


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1 thought on “Dr.SHIVA’s Historic First Amendment Lawsuit to Win Back Freedom

  1. Gabriel

    I hope this guy is real but I always have just a little bit of suspicion. His credentials are not those of an ordinary person, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiva_Ay…. People are so desperate for someone good to rally behind. Is he that person? I understand his Twitter lawsuit and that is a good thing but is that really going to fix anything? He has a lot of people that want to help and organize with but I am not seeing him leverage all of this momentum. If I saw a hint of direction I would get behind him. I don’t see it yet though.


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