The Sun hoaxes the Moon – in 1835

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Long before was even a seed.

The Great of 1835 was the most spectacular global news event of the year, despite it being a complete fabrication. Was it satire gone wrong, or a cynical ploy to sell newspapers?

Source: The Great Moon Hoax: The Birth of Fake News?


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2 thoughts on “The Sun hoaxes the Moon – in 1835

  1. napoleon wilson

    yes chris had a brain in him, I often try and emulate his thinking, privately ofcourse , I suppose if he was about now he,d have an angle on the covaids, I think it would go a little like this

    We’ve had Cronkite’s build up to the moon landing, seen the wizbangs and pitfalls in beating the ruskies to the moon, and just when it’s time to watch man’s first step on the heavenly body, Cronkites voice interjects with now it’s time to turn off your t.v. oops, I mean television because we don’t need to see the momentous occasion, here’s some white lab coats explaining to you the gullible ape of what happened,

    Chris was more eloquent but I think the message is valid,


  2. watermanchris

    Chris Kendall always spoke about this story. He had a way of making things funny that I really appreciate and his relaying of this tale was one of my favorites.


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