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But vaccines cured polio… NOT

like this

A pesticide common in the 1800’s was called Paris Green. A green liquid because it was a combination of copper and arsenic or lead and arsenic. Some of the most toxic substances known to humankind. This super toxin was also used as a dye, in many items, including wall paper and paint. It was the sole focus of murder mystery novels at the time, as arsenic was known to be a very efficient way to stage a murder “for unknown reasons”, as arsenic kills but is hard to detect after the victim succumbs to the poison.


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Big Harma’s hail Mary

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We are told the quaxxine market was in decline over the past ten years.

This massive, government sanctioned marketing campaign may work in the short term.

It smacks of desperation, a last ditch attempt to go big or go home.

What if it ultimately fails, and it injures or awakens enough people to turn allopathic medicine on its head, ushering a new age of health and well being?

It just might happen.

Stay tuned.

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Patient 0

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If viruses are contagious, and transmit quickly from person to person, they have to start somewhere.

The epidemi-liars refer to this as patient 0.

It reminds one of ground 0 – the place where the very scary (and fake) nuclear bombs are dropped, spreading their infectious radiation far and wide.

How they could possibly find a patient 0 is a farce in itself, but that doesn’t stop them from making up stories.

I haven’t found anything on Covaids patient 0 yet, but there are some older virus hoax stories with patient 0. Let’s start with AIDS.

Aids patient 0: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ga%C3%AB…

Ebola Patient 0: www.livescience.com/48527-ebol…

Please post any other incredible stories in the comments of the fabricated master infecters.

This old cartoon comes to mind.

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Dear Mom

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Covaids is dividing people one family at a time.

Dear Mom,

Please stop contacting my children about the experimental biological injection.

They will never take any injection (except insulin) while I am alive and able to influence them.

It’s difficult enough to keep them from succumbing to the biggest psyop in the history of modern man.

Internal pressures from family are simply undermining 9 years and counting of my personal research.

This is not a joke any more.

Please read the below link.

I have 10,000 more, but this one is the latest piece of the stay organic research that you probably haven’t seen.

Stay sane.
Your son.


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