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  1. xileffilex

    Klaus Schwab was promoting a communitarian way forward after the GFC in early 2010. His piece was placed in various MSM papers, including the Guardian, having just appeared on the WEF website

    This communitarian spirit is the basis of the stakeholder principle. We need to embrace that stakeholder principle, not just within the narrow confines of companies, but at a national and global level as well.

    From this context, the bonus debate is just a symbol of a more fundamental question: whether we can adopt a more communitarian spirit or whether we will fall back into old habits and excesses **, thereby further undermining social peace.

    A tailored piece appeared in the Wall Street Journal, with the same coda.
    ** the old normal… like G7 leaders and Davos herders and young global leaders jetting around the world..

    However, fast forward to the next “go” at the “new normal” , Schwab and Malleret only once, briefly, mention “communitarian” in Covid-19 – The Great Reset. Is the word ‘communitarian’ off the WEF menu now?

    Another interesting 2010 WEF document which has now been removed from the internet also used the same communitarian exhortation
    Faith and the Global Agenda: Values for the Post-Crisis Economy

    Religion and faith communities are vital to this dialogue ***. Recognizing their unique and essential role in redesigning the post-crisis world, the World Economic Forum has implemented a strategic shift in its engagement of faith communities, expanding beyond a focus on Islam-West dialogue and instead seeking to engage faith communities on a broader set of topics of global relevance, including education, health, climate change, values and business ethics.

    er. but with less emphasis on “values”, one suspects.

    how global interdependence can be managed in a way that advances shared social, environmental and economic objectives and values if we are to foster the global cooperation necessary to confront contemporary challenges in an effective, inclusive and sustainable way

    i.e. we will pretend to listen to you but we’re going to press ahead with stakeholder capitalism come what may. It makes one wonder whether the GFC was an earlier, failed attempt at a Great Reset:

    The current economic crisis should warn us to fundamentally rethink the development of the moral framework and the regulatory mechanisms that underpin our
    economy, politics and global interconnectedness.
    It would be a wasted opportunity for all of us if we pretended that the crisis was simply a momentary hurdle.

    familiar speak? I would love to know how the religious leaders invited to contribute to that document now view Schwab’s excitement at the fusion of the physical and digital and reimagining what it means to be human 11 years down the line….


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