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  1. walker

    When the covaids psyop pre-vaxx was in full-effect, I was highly skeptical of all the so-called cases and deaths, never witnessing anything myself — such as, ramped up ambulance sirens, frequent funeral processions or even one friend or family member who experienced anything more than your standard cold symptom — that was inimical to my skepticism.

    While I am biased towards believing these vaxxes are poisonous, I can’t say I have witnessed anything first-hand that confirms this bias. In fact, those that I come across who are vaxxed actually seem pretty thrilled about it. No one expresses any regret at all. I even saw a VAXIN4TED (or something) bumper sticker the other day. Would someone do something that fucking retarded if they knew someone who had gotten seriously ill or died shortly after their shot?

    The only adverse events I know about are online. Could all these online incidents be OPERATION CHAOS in full effect? Sure, why not. For the criminals who pulled off the covaids psyop, the adverse vaxx effects psyop would be kiddie stuff.

    With respect to Vox and his commenters, the consensus seems to be that viruses are not only real but that they can be engineered in a lab in China and spread autonomously throughout the entire world nearly instantly. They also seem to believe that one can catch such a virus and thus attain natural immunity to it as a result! That these types (baby truthers, Trumptards, LARPERs, etc) think that the vaxx is dangerous actually makes me reconsider that it.

    Indeed, humans have been ripped astray so incredibly far from a natural existence — all of us living in either or all toxic physical, psychological and spiritual environments — that noxious vaxx seems rather superfluous, especially when a harmless one is so profitable.

    1. napoleon wilson

      firstly use of inimical is awesome!!

      youve been reading my mind again ,all i can offer to that is there is a reluctance by the organisers of the twin jabs (twin pillars) to disclose any adverse reactions ,this cant be the only evidence we can derive , we now know that anaphylaxis is as reliable as nocebo-placebo affect ,so that should be a factor in your mental equation when coming to a conclusion , now they also planned this shite for years and that a yellow card system or yellow brick road to report ruby red blistered feet as an adverse reaction is definitely part of the stageplay ,so is non plunged needles and needles with a cap on , basically one of the ingredients of the injection is gaslight.

      please add more discrepencies for us (the baddest on the planet) to discard or keep as needed


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