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  1. xileffilex

    Valuable chat and good questioning too from you Ab. Unfortunately I found Ronnie difficult to hear, as if she were speaking through a mask…
    I think people have generally become entrenched in their position, I’ve given up discussing this psy-op with normies. We have no idea where it’s going to go exactly beyond the transparently signalled tightening noose of control. I shake my head that people can’t see the perversity of vaccinating the whole world, and promoting on a massive budget for all ages, for something as trivial – yes trivial – as the usual end of life syndrome.

    Rachel Elnaugh, in James Delingpole’s most recent Delingpod podcast, puts her money on population cull based on the farming metaphor. She certainly understands what’s going on, has digested her Schwab. But everyone going off-grid, relying on local organic farmers and community groups, blah blah blah, when most people live in cities with no land just isn’t going to work.
    One good observation she makes – the footballer rich class are increasingly buying security measures for their new builds, the equivalent of the medieval castle to protect themselves from Schwab’s envisaged “disturbances” as the show moves forward.

    James also really understands the game in progress.

    As you said Ab, the chips are all being moved towards the centre of the table – and the idiots have no idea what’s in store. Yes, anyone not in the Davos elite really will be in the shit together. These are fascinating times.


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