Why Pfizer will win the drug “war”

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Pfizer is going to make approx. $30 billion on Vaccines in 2021!

Research who owns Pfizer shares?
The results of the top organizations and their major individual shareholders are not surprising. Also explains why the censorship of anyone against the vaccine cash cow.
Conflict of Interests is the new normal.

Top Shareholders of Pfizer

Johnson & Johnson
Berkshire Hathaway
JP Morgan Chase
Walt Disney


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1 thought on “Why Pfizer will win the drug “war”

  1. watermanchris

    When I click the link, it’s all financial services companies. They are likely the custodians for retail investors’ individual stock accounts, retirement plans/pension funds, and mutual funds. They do not really control these companies, nor do the investors as there are too many of them to come together on anything and most don’t even send in their shareholder voting forms.

    Private equity firms like Blackstone (not Blackrock) Group can occasionally gather up enough retail shares or preferred stock to exert some control but there has to be a reason i.e. they think they can exploit some inefficiency to increase the value of the company and make a buck.

    Public companies are just a way for the already rich to loot the masses through massive executive compensation and backroom deals.


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