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About the flu shots of 2019

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Patient 0 for the Covaids hoax was everywhere there was a mass flu quaxxination campaign.

Now, on a more serious – and tragic – note, let me state what follows, ladies & gents:

You really don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the FLUSHOTS are the killers. This whole drama was triggered in late 2019, when massive flushot campaigns were carried out in specific world locations (for instance in Wuhan, Northern Italy, Iran, Israel and Spain – where the first and worst waves of “Covid” deaths occurred). We now have a repeat of this deadly drama (the “DELTA variant”), directly caused by the “AntiCovid” jab campaigns. Since the post-mortem autopsies carried out after both of those death waves (in 2020 and 2021) have FORENSICALLY PROVEN that these deaths were caused by bloodclots / thromboses/ brain hemmorhages, you would have to be an idiot (or a criminal) NOT to see the obvious connection. The flushots ARE the killers.

Worldwide media deceptions • Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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Adamson BBQ Superior Court hearing

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The Hearing Day has Finally Arrived!
June 28/29, 10AM
ZOOM Coordinates at the bottom!
This challenge attacks the Reopening Ontario Act
and the EMCPA in their entirety.

If successful, the province will not have
demonstrably justified the limitations to our charter rights, and must strike these acts immediately.

That means your business can reopen, your kids get back to school, we can all remove the masks
and live freely once again.

The evidence that led me to oppose the government mandates has been fortified over the last few months. Since November, the issues with the PCR test and the data around asymptomatic transmission, ICU admissions and mortality has been solidified through Freedom of Information Requests and in international court rulings. The evidence on this Constitutional Challenge is absolutely STACKED in our favour. So much so, that the Crown Attorneys have abandoned all scientific arguments.

Other jurisdictions around the country have seen narrower challenges fail, where the applicants have holes in the evidentiary record. For instance, a federal challenge brought by the JCCF recently failed because while PCR was exposed, “VOC’s” were not, and the judge had no choice but to rule for the government. Not so on our challenge- we have them surrounded.

Check this out- the Crown thinks the reports brought by six well-qualified experts are “superfluous” and “vexatious”. What is this, China? The Soviet Union? With their literally infinite resources, they couldn’t find any experts to rebut our arguments? We don’t have standing to bring a challenge this strong because… It’s annoying?
The evidentiary record is stacked in our favour

We brought 11 expert reports, the Crown brought 1.

We made 5 charter arguments, the Crown responded to 1.

We made use of every page of factum allowance, the crown left 15 pages empty.

It’s clear that the Crown will rely on procedural BS or a biased judge for a favourable ruling.

In totally unrelated news, we had a judge switcheroo midway through this challenge! We were told it was a scheduling issue, before we got to schedule anything. Later we received an email showing it was an administrative issue. Coincidence, I’m sure!
To view the Court files (NCQ and Factums) Click Here
My lawyers tell me that the courts tend to rule with public opinion. While the tides are turning, the media won’t report any counter-narrative, so much of the public consciousness in Canada is still blanketed by fear. I’ve done the best I can to disseminate this information, the rest is up to us on the big day.

There is a rally tomorrow at 10am at Nathan Phillips Square to make our presence felt. You can attend the ZOOM hearing so the judiciary can see how many eyes are watching this case. You can share this information with your friends, and be comforted knowing that the TRUTH and SCIENCE is on our side.

The government-funded media outlets WILL NOT REPORT on this challenge, despite taking every opportunity to cover my arrest, my licensing issues, and the endless fines and charges I received. How messed up is that?


Alternately, call-in using these credentials:

Canada Toll-free: 855 703 8985
Meeting ID: 678 4656 2978
Passcode: 653428

My lawyers say I should warn you not to record or re-broadcast this hearing. It’s a violation of the rules of civil procedure.
As always, your support thru PRE-ORDERS is much appreciated. $50 minimum and two days notice and we’ll bring it right to your door thru the GTA! It’s getting really tight for us, and if these restrictions continue much longer the lights will not stay on. CLICK HERE TO GET SUM
To the bozos who will inevitably respond about how they “trust the science” and not “some BBQ guy”, please note that none of the government scientists have opined on this case. The government makes no argument as to the severity of COVID. The only arguments they make are procedural, not scientific.

The science and evidence is on our side, opined on by the following experts:

  1. Dr. Joel Kettner, former Chief Medical Officer of Health of Manitoba, and professor at the University of Manitoba. He has submitted evidence concerning the following:

The principles and strategies of public health, in conjunction with the Charter
The lockdowns, transmission in various settings, mortality rates and ICU capacity
On reply: public health strategy, epidemiological methodology, the rationality and proportionality of the lockdowns, definitions, and risk factors

  1. Dr. Douglas Allen, professor of economics at Simon Fraser University. He has submitted evidence concerning the following:

A critical economic assessment of nearly 90 lockdown cost-benefit studies
An analysis of predictive mathematical models, the value of a statistical life, and voluntary versus mandatory lockdown behaviour
The costs of lockdowns and an alternative cost-benefit methodology
On reply: an analysis of all costs and benefits was never conducted by the government, almost no evidence has been provided in support of the lockdowns, no recognition of endogenous human behaviour, and a misrepresentation of of excess mortality

  1. Dr. William Matt Briggs, former professor of statistics and biostatistics at Cornell, and co-author of The Price of Panic: How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe. He has submitted evidence concerning the following:

Misunderstandings and misnomers in the definitions of cases, hospitalizations and deaths
The woeful inaccuracy of predictive mathematical models
All-cause mortality and COVID death statistics
Worldwide statistical analysis of lockdowns
Comparison to other pandemics
On reply: no evidence that mask mandates or lockdowns work, putting COVID-19 in perspective with other causes of death, and more on ICU capacity

  1. Dr. Gilbert Berdine, Harvard Medical and MIT educated pulmonologist and professor at Texas Tech University. He has treated COVID patients and has submitted evidence concerning the following:

Criticisms of COVID-19 diagnosis and PCR test inaccuracy/invalidity
Pathology of exposure, infection, disease and death
Mortality curves and effects of interventions, including herd immunity
A comparison between Canada and other countries
Reasonable alternatives to emergency measures and proper metrics
Variants of concern, their transmissibility and mortality rates
An look at Texas and how their cases, hospitalizations and deaths plummeted
On reply: a visual comparison of cases, mortality and fatality rates in different settings; the lack of asymptomatic transmission; more on variants of concern; no evidence and egregious use of statistics; and further mention of Texas

  1. Dr. Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale and author of over 300 peer reviewed papers. He has submitted evidence concerning the following:

Outpatient usage of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with zinc and ivermectin
An analysis of treatment benefit versus mortality
Studies of safety and adverse endpoints with HCQ
Said treatments are reasonable alternatives to emergency measures

  1. Dr. Byram Bridle, professor of virology and immunology at the University of Guelph. He had a COVID-19 vaccine candidate in development and has submitted evidence concerning the following:

An analysis of the population dynamics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus
The virus is not a problem of pandemic proportions requiring emergency measures
The inaccuracy and invalidity of PCR tests
An immunological analysis of asymptomatic transmission and re-transmission of the virus being either negligible or nonexistent
An analysis of the variants of concern
An analysis of the effectiveness of masking and PPE containment of the virus
Prolonged isolation and masking of children can cause irreparable harm
Ivermectin is a reasonable alternative to emergency measures

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Big day – will likely be another lawfare affair.


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Funding own own demise

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Ronnie finds more marketing agencies labeled research of Big Harma.

The Canadian Immunization Research Network is a group that receives substantial funding from drug companies, as well as Canadian taxpayers. Part of their mandate is evaluating vaccine effectiveness. Now, here’s where things start to get interesting.

Canadian Immunization Research Network, Which Evaluates Vaccines, Is Funded By Big Pharma canucklaw.ca/canadian-immuniza…

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