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Markus Allen deconstructs Fukushima 3/11/11 · Fakeotube – by …

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One of Markus’ best audios where he blows apart the biggest psyop hoax of 2011.

I just relistened and it stands the test of time.


Get all his audios here escapethenewnormal.com

Chris Kendall call to Sendai Japan

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Vax damaged LARPers

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Covaids is the world’s biggest psyop, so expect crisis actors by the boatload.Why would any real person emphasize that they are pro experimental biological injection in front of their injured child?

Sick touch – a heart shaped piece of medical tape. Too bad daughter could not even force a sad face.


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Clot shot

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Simon is one of my favorite posters.

We are living in dark & silly times – so I think that some dark & silly humor is perfectly timely & appropriate…

Here’s how I suggest we should start calling, from now on, ALL of the deadly “Anticovid” shots (courtesy of the Urban Dictionary) :

Worldwide media deceptions • Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

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Scramble-headed automatons

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Reality is whatever the Covidian Cult says it is.

You could stage an apocalyptic global pandemic that only happened in certain countries, or in certain parts of certain countries, and that more or less mirrored natural mortality, and that didn’t drastically increase historical death rates, but was nonetheless totally apocalyptic


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