Markus Allen deconstructs Fukushima 3/11/11 · Fakeotube – by …

likes this

One of Markus’ best audios where he blows apart the biggest hoax of 2011.

I just relistened and it stands the test of time.

Get all his audios here

Chris Kendall call to Sendai

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1 thought on “Markus Allen deconstructs Fukushima 3/11/11 · Fakeotube – by …

  1. walker

    Markus always bring his A game. No stutters. No “ums” or “uhhs”. No breaks. This is an action-packed truth exposé. Beyond Fukushima, there are rare nuggets on 911, Alex Jones, marketing and more.

    But here’s my question: how real are earthquakes? I’ve been in a few, and while perceptible, they were hardly scary and not-at-all damaging.


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