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FAK329-Nordica Rapaana

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Rosa Koire cartoon



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Bill Cosby psyOp over?

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Doubtful this actor ever went to jail – since the whole show trial was likely just part of Operation Chaos, and no more real than the OJ trial.


The PA Supreme Court, wouldn’t overturn obvious election fraud, but they didn’t hesitate to overturn a rapist’s conviction and set Bill Cosby free:

Miles Mathis says the whole trial was fake.

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A mass poisoning campaign

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mRNA, DNA, sequencing, genetic engineering all a fantastic alchemical smokescreen for protein poisoning in the largest human trial in history.

mRNA is apparently the only new cure for all our ills. They’re even giving this new era in medicine a name calling it the ‘Amino Age’ but is it all it’s cracked up to be? I just heard too that ‘anti-vaxxers’ are trendy now which tells me they are ready to complete their big swap of vaccines for gene therapy. Problem, reaction, solution in full swing. The amino age is the offered solution but is it a solution at all or just another terrible ‘healthcare’ paradigm to keep the slaves manageable and controlled?

Tracey Northern – The Amino Age and The New abNormal Doctors northerntracey213875959.wordpr…

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Make this box hum!

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Thank you Anonymous in Jacksonville, Derek in Boston and Ricky in Portland!

Your mail just paid for the PO Box for one more year!

I was worried that they got lost in the mail, but I think everything made it.

Not sure the check will cash, but I will try.

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Toronto’s quaxxine clinic eye opener · Fakeotube – by Anon

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Since there’s no hockey allowed in Toronto there’s lots of room for human guinea pigs.


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