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Unavoidably unsafe

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Remember and recite these two words together.


With the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, Congress recognized that vaccines carry risk and because they are “unavoidably unsafe” the 1986 act exempted vaccine manufacturers and doctors from liability for vaccine injury. Almost $4 billion in injury compensation has been paid to vaccine-injured patients since the passage of this law. To suggest that vaccines are “perfectly safe” while concurrently protecting the vaccine industry from litigation after injuries is insulting to parents, and should be embarrassing to health care professionals, many of whom do not even know this law exists. We can’t have it both ways – pass a law that declares vaccines unsafe, protect the industry from litigation, and expect parents to blindly follow vaccine recommendations without the chance to ask reasonable questions and make choices that are protected by law.

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Ignore the heart attack

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The CDC isn’t merely evil, it’s cruel. Now they’re openly mocking their own victims in their propaganda. Even more than lying, the wicked love to deceive by telling people exactly what they’re doing in a manner that somehow prevents the average person from believing them. It’s clear that those who are pushing the vaccine on everyone have an even lower opinion of the NPCs who are dumb enough to believe them than those who see through them do.

Source: Vox Popoli


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likes this

The BEST audio from Australia.

With Ab, Jonnyslist, Beevie, Wheyfarer, Anounceofsalt, Velocet, Brokenlockes

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Extraordinarily elementary

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The elementary rules of logic: that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and that what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

Christopher Hitchens…

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Should we kidnap them back?

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With some many ex-friends and loved ones stuck in the Covidian cult, can/should we kidnap them back? Northern Tracey has another good post.

The more they take the mickey out of ‘conspiracy theorists’ the more conspiracies are unleashed. I’ve been watching all the new ones cropping up and trying to gleen what I can from the info deluge. What is factual and what is assumption. What are these ‘crazy’ ‘conspiracy nuts’ basing their findings on?

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Where do variants come from? Banana19

like this

A computer program, of course. No wonder Kill Bates is a doctor now.

YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer, [31.07.21 10:26]
If you don’t know why there are already over 40,000 “variants” or how they can already know what month they will be “released” by the media, I can tell you and show you how virologists come up with variants.

First you need to know what “In silico” means…a computer simulation, virtual reality, make believe, fictional, made up, not real, imaginary.

Virologists have been given an In silico Unicornvid19 genome “recipe” template for their Next Generation Sequencing computer tool. They made this fictional recipe about 300,000 base pairs long of ACGT nucleotide sequences. (adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine)

They take a sample of your snot/boogers/mucous, which has millions of strands and broken down fragments of ACGT sequences, and they tell the computer to re-arrange those broken down fragment strands and sequences in your snot until they match the In silico “recipe” for Unicornvid19…and the computer does it.

They could also put in the genome for a banana or your old sweet grandmother and the computer would re-arrange your genetic snot fragments into either of those…confirming that you have caught Banana19 or Grandma19.

The problem is that since no two people have the exact genetic sequences floating around in their snot…and since there are only 4 nucleotides that all chain in different order, depending on who’s snot you take and where the computer starts and stops the sequences when it’s chaining them together, the computer makes small errors and has to fill in the blanks sometimes to make your snot match the In silico recipe.

Then if they take your best friend’s boogers and do the same thing, the computer will re-arrange their snot a little differently than yours, since his/her snot has different fragment sequences than yours…and the computer will fill in the error blanks differently for him/her than it did for you, and so you each have a “variant” of Unicornvid19…or each have a variant for Banana19 or Grandma19…depending on what the computer was told to arrange the snot fragments into.

No different than giving two kids a box of random Legos each, showing them a picture of a castle and telling them to build it with legos. Since each kid has different legos in their box, the castles will be different from each other and both will have a castle “variant” of the original castle.

That is why there are over 40,000 variants…that’s how many times this “recipe” match next generation sequencing has been done…and why they can keep this going forever…
because the entire thing is “In silico”, computer simulated, virtual reality, not real, make believe, completely made up, fictional, imaginary…i.e. a total scam.

Steve Falconer

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I’d copy an excerpt, but the author disabled that and I can’t be bothered to get a work-around.

Worth a read.


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