FAK331-Markus talks to normies

like this

Do you think Marcus is correct in his assessment of the CovAIDS quaxxine affect on pregnant women?

Show notes below.

Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons

CV #26(H): Region Of Peel Lies About Infertility, Deaths, Approval – Canuck Law

CV #26(H): Region Of Peel Lies About Infertility, Deaths, Approval

Ivory Hecker Telegram


Markus Allen’s Operation Wake ’em Up!

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napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
11 months ago

Went over the figures, and fell into affect oubliette ,I’m no statician ,drink, but I didn’t come away thinking anything but evil bastards, next time tell me what to think, thankyou very much,

napoleon wilson
napoleon wilson
11 months ago

with the information thats been dished out by our t.v.television doctors i,d say shes up todate with the cognitive paradox, and i hope marcus gave her fakeologist,com to listen back too ,she might realise shes an idiot, i realised how dumb i was a long time ago ,hopefully changing that though,

it was atleast a test of patience on all parties involved

we have the advantage of standing on the shoulders of giants

11 months ago

That woman is the definition of a public school-educated fluoride-infused American Normie who worships the American Corporatocracy. I bet if you would have asked about fast food instead of vaxxes that she would have responded similarly, telling you how well-researched she was and that’s why she prefers Chick-fil-A over all the others.