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Mikki you’re not so fine

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Mikki Willis shills and crisis acts in the Rodney King staged event, 9/11, Covington, and now the Covaids Plandemic movie.

Did you know that the man standing in the background, behind Rodney King is none other than Plandemic’s Mikki Willis? (left of your screen, behind Rodney’s right shoulder). Yes, it’s true, Mikki mentioned it on a podcast interview that I stumbled across when I was research him last year. If you haven’t yet seen it, I highly encourage you to watch Mikki Willis tell his 9/11 story, I’m sure you’ll find it quite entertaining.

Source: Calling All Critical Thinkers . . . – Piece of Mindful

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Guess the search for bodies is over

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Part 2 of the controlled demolition done early last night.

Clearly the building was completely wired BEFORE Part 1 of the collapse.

This event is another land clear to simply build back better for a smart city condo complex.

Insert some crisis actors to continue to fool the people of the world – no different from the 9/11 psyop.

Watch for surrounding buildings to be controlled demolitioned as they are “unstable” from initial collapse – similar to the 9 buildings of the WTC.

No one dies and no one gets hurt in these events. #NDNGH #HRDPAR

h/t escapethenewnormal.com

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If you live in Ontario, follow the money to see why there is no incentive for our “leaders” and to unlock things.

Why is Ontario still completely shut down? Why is there more freedom pretty much everywhere else in North America? Perhaps these bits of information will shine some light on that problem.

Some Thoughts On Why Ontario Is Still Closed, While Other Provinces Are Fully Open canucklaw.ca/some-thoughts-on-…

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20 things

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A thread by ZUBY:

20 Things I’ve Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity During The ‘Pandemic’ (THREAD):

1/ Most people would rather be in the majority, than be right. At least 20% of the population has strong authoritarian tendencies, which will emerge under the right conditions. Fear of death is only rivalled by the fear of social disapproval. The latter could be stronger. Propaganda is just as effective in the modern day as it was 100 years ago. Access to limitless information has not made the average person any wiser. Anything and everything can and will be politicised by the media, government, and those who trust them. Many politicians and large corporations will gladly sacrifice human lives if it is conducive to their political and financial aspirations. Most people believe the government acts in the best interests of the people. Even many who are vocal critics of the government. Once they have made up their mind, most people would rather to commit to being wrong, than admit they were wrong. Humans can be trained and conditioned quickly and relatively easily to significantly alter their behaviours – for better or worse. When sufficiently frightened, most people will not only accept authoritarianism, but demand it. People who are dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’ are often well researched and simply ahead of the mainstream narrative. Most people value safety and security more than freedom and liberty, even if said ‘safety’ is merely an illusion. Hedonic adaptation occurs in both directions, and once inertia sets in, it is difficult to get people back to ‘normal’. A significant % of people thoroughly enjoy being subjugated. ‘The Science’ has evolved into a secular pseudo-religion for millions of people in the West. This religion has little to do with science itself. Most people care more about looking like they are doing the right thing, rather than actually doing the right thing. Politics, the media, science, and the healthcare industries are all corrupt, to varying degrees. Scientists and doctors can be bought as easily as politicians. If you make people comfortable enough, they will not revolt. You can keep millions docile as you strip their rights, by giving them money, food, and entertainment. Modern people are overly complacent and lack vigilance when it comes to defending their own freedoms from government overreach. It’s easier to fool a person than to convince them that they have been fooled. Bonus thought:

21/ Most people are fairly compassionate and have good intentions (this is good)

As a result, most people deeply struggle to understand that some people, including our ‘leaders’, CAN have malicious or perverse intentions (this is bad). If you enjoyed this thread, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to check out my music and weekly ‘Real Talk with Zuby’ podcasts.

New guests and insightful conversations every week! (youtube.com/zubymusic) Wow… This thread has truly gone viral! ?

Glad it’s resonating all over the globe. If you’re new here, welcome to the party.

h/t Topochico

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The head of Pfizer will not cut the line and is not getting quaxxinated

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So much for everyone tripping over themselves to get the gold standard, the king himself is in no rush to get poisoned. What else do you need to know to not get the experimental biological injection? Start at 31:00.

[No Agenda] 1361: “Variant Factories” @adamcurry
podcastaddict.com/episode/1253… via @PodcastAddict

6 months ago same story

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To Prevent Three Deaths, COVID Jab Kills Two

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The numbers around the COVAIDS wars are confusing and frequent, all part of the disorientation element of psyOps.

If there were any reasonable safety standard in place, the COVID injection campaign would have been halted in early January 2021. The reported rate of death from COVID-19 shots now exceeds the reported death rate of more than 70 vaccines combined over the past 30 years, and it’s about 500 times deadlier than the seasonal flu vaccine,1 which historically has been the most hazardous.

Source: To Prevent Three Deaths, COVID Jab Kills Two

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