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Tracey on magnetic, shedding, graphene

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The latest chapter is quaxxine science fiction from the last few weeks analysed.

I looked into some of the scientific papers on the techniques they are using but more importantly WHY they are using these magnetic particles. The why is more important because it reveals the underlying mistake they are trying to overcome.

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Lies Damn Lies and Epidemiology, Social control with a thin mask of pseudo-science

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Epidemiologists are not doctors, not medical, and have nothing to do with health. This plandemic has all but proven that.

How can it be that a respected Epidemiologist could be unaware of the lack of science behind his assertions and indeed their potential for harm. Epidemiology is, and has always been, about social control with pseudo science and the actual scientific literature bears this out.


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Could Klaus be right?

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Good comment on JLB’s site.

As for owning nothing- in the 70s we were so poor, I mean some days we hardly had any food, even milk was a luxury, we had that shitty dried milk that was advertised as making five pints when added to water, mother would even make that stretch to six haha! and news paper for loo roll. We rented a council farmhouse, everyone was skint, and everyone would hide on a Friday evening when the rent man knocked on the door.Britain was bleak in the 70s. However, I remember good times, lots of family, friends, and party’s round each others house, a really good community spirt, I felt looked after. Come the late 80s my parents had a bit more cash, they brought the house and a better car. But something changed? My farther became obsessed with money and wanting new and better things. Long story short he ended up miserable, depressed and a changed man. The party’s stopped, other people brought their council houses and people became more serious, not so warm and friendly. I guess the new pressure of ownership was alien to most working class and not really ment for the likes of us?

So, I understand the concept of owning nothing and being happy, I’ve lived through it, had the experience as boy and man. So maybe the owners of this world know us better than we know ourselves and know what really makes us happy? No more pressure, keeping up with the Jones’s, mortgage payments, working long hours, driving to work, sat in traffic, panic about being late, getting fired!

However, I will probably continue to resist the vaccine, the reset, the UBI, and electronic currency. Why? Well, got nothing else to do have we. ?


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Watch your mouth

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Great post by Vox.

This is precisely why I don’t permit negative “jokes” or “warnings” or “fears” or “worries” to be posted here in the comments. Words not only describe reality, they shape reality by influencing thoughts.

Always watch your tongue voxday.blogspot.com/2021/07/al…

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The Man Who Saw the Future | George Hunt

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The Man Who Saw the Future

George Hunt and The Globalist Warming Action Plan.
The Man Who Saw The Future | Windows on the World

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Mark discusses Dr Richard Day

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Great podcast discussing communitarianism and the current Global reset.

Freedom from Fakery 2021-07-05 by Windows on the World Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1253… Episode: api.spreaker.com/download/epis… A summation and historical perspective of the Global Action Plan

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