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You’re not sick, you’re r toxic

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When you impair your body’s ability to remove waste or toxins, you feel ill.


“The word Toxemia carries its own meaning; namely, toxin in the blood. Gould’s “Medical Dictionary” defines the word thus: “Blood-poisoning—a condition in which the blood contains poisonous products, produced by the body-cells.

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WHO says what now?

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The World Health Organization’s chief scientist on Monday advised against people mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines from different manufacturers, calling it a “dangerous trend” since there was little data available about the health impact.

Disorientation and confusion is a major goal of psyops.

Take whatever you can get, Canadian “experts say”.

Experts say Canadians should take whatever vaccine is available to avoid prolonging the pandemic.

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Endless loop of HELLcrats airport harassment in Toronto

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Flying isn’t illegal, but it’s full of fine friction. This is how the communitarian system will work, sticks and carrots. Your rights will be only given back in bites, depending if all your scores add up.


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