FAK336-Reviewing Fakeologist

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7 thoughts on “FAK336-Reviewing Fakeologist

  1. peetiro

    Although entertaining, it was a little disturbing to see Sky cornered by Menzies on the question of the 6 million and the whole Holocau$t narrative – which obviously can’t be discussed openly and objectively on a de facto controlled opposition media outlet like Rebel News. The post-interview breakdown between Menzies and Levant, who is an ardent pro-Israeli Zionist, was smarmy and disingenuous, with Levant playing dumb on the well known symbolic significance of the number 6 million, and its repeated use as a propaganda concept in major events prior to WWII. And despite Sky conceding to the overall narrative, they threw him under the bus for questioning the sacred number and not completely rolling over. Perhaps it was all staged, but I don’t get the sense that Sky is acting, more likely the case that he walked into a trap. I also watched the Sky / Mark Friesen debate on the Stew Peters Show, and in that case, Sky came off rattled and hot-headed, and I think unfairly accused Friesen of being a lying politician when reconciliation or a truce of some kind is really what’s in order. Sky could probably use a breather and some downtime before more trouble comes his way. Anyway, sad to see the anti-Covidian movement in Canada fracturing like this.

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      Great analysis. Mark Friesen is a good guy but Chris is clearly getting frustrated with his slow moving “allies in truth”. Problem is, the masses are even farther behind and those leading have to wait or leave them behind.

      1. peetiro

        Agreed – it would be great to see the anti-Covidian movement unified behind Sky’s core non-compliance message.

        I was going to add that Rebel Media’s radio silence on the travails of Kevin J. Johnston and especially his unlawful imprisonment are further evidence of their controlled opposition role, which pre-Covaids was pretty obvious. Despite this, most of their Covaids coverage has been surprisingly pretty solid.

    2. walker

      Great comment.

      I think Chris has a combination of high intelligence, low personability and large ego that we are now seeing the limits of. Not sure when he started “waking” up but he seems to be at the stage where he thinks that people will actually be receptive to hearing the truths he just found out.

      I think his original video back in the spring of 2020 is the single best piece of content to come out of this whole mess.

  2. Anonymous

    I think 335, not 336, is linked.

  3. napoleon wilson

    ab you are inspired by others,but you do inspire me
    are we ready for A.I as alien invasion ?one way of getting everyone on board with aliens especially if they empty your bank account


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